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Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion Essentials: and why you should have them

By Olivia Fairleigh on September 26, 2023

When it comes to men’s fall and winter fashion in 2023, the mantra is as clear as ever: keep it
cool, keep it simple, and quintessentially classic. This season, we are stepping into a space of timeless style. One that effortlessly blends classic and contemporary, resulting in looks that are both timeless and on-trend. Think James Dean meets Steve McQueen and they have a dash of modern flair. That’s what you’re headed for. Are you ready?

Don’t Dismiss Denim: Your Wardrobe Anchor

Starting with the cornerstone of any stylish man’s wardrobe – a solid pair of jeans. In 2023, denim is
reclaiming its throne as the go-to choice for just about everyone. However, it’s not just any pair of jeans. It’s about finding that perfect pair- one that is actually your measurements and preferred fit. Finding the perfect jeans is a lot like finding a good dog. Have them, and they will never let you down, and will give unconditional love. A straight leg jean with a vintage wash are making a strong comeback- but were never really gone to begin with.

Pair these jeans with a classic white or black tee – or your favorite graphic tee for that effortlessly cool look. The beauty of this combo is in its simplicity. It’s timeless, totally comfortable, and it just works.

Justice for a Quality Jacket: Elevate your Outerwear

As temperatures drop, that one jacket you’ve had through college that’s falling apart might not be making the statement you’d want it to anymore. This calls for a refresh you want to invest in. Jackets are meant to last us. A nice bomber jacket, shearling-lined aviator, or rugged leather jacket are all you need to actually stay warm this season whilst upping your outfit. These pieces are versatile enough to layer over your favorite sweater or dress down with a simple tee. Don’t fear different textures or colors; this season, earthy tones like deep browns, olive greens, and rich burgundies are stealing the spotlight. Whether it’s a coffee date, night out, or weekend home for the holidays, a quality jacket will be your trusted companion.

The Swagger of a Good Sweater: Swap out Scratchy Styles for Lived in Love

Speaking of layering, sweaters harness a unique power of taking any basic outfit to a completely new
place. Layered over a dress shirt, golf shirt, or any basic tee totally transforms your look. Rich fabrics, quality designs, and deep colors are what makes any good sweater. Finding some in a few basic colors and knit patterns adds vast diversity to your closet, easily. Quickest way to jazz up your work look for a late night dinner? Throwing over a soft knit sweater. We are also seeing many earth tones in the sweater department this year, and there is really nothing that beats a nice pull-over to complete your look.

Kick Up Your Feet: Sneakers that Satisfy

Completing your outfit ends with your feet. This year, sneakers are taking a bold step forward in the
fashion world. Brands are reinventing and reintroducing classics we all love, with eye-catching designs and the same silhouettes we are all comfortable with.

White sneakers, retro-inspired runners, and original designs are all making waves right now. The trick is to choose a pair that not only compliments your outfit, but is also a reflection of your own personal style. Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore; they are a statement piece that can tie your entire look together in one fell swoop. Find a pair that compliments you and that are comfy, and let them do the rest.

With our boxes featuring new-to-you complimentary pieces to your everyday staples; you have the
opportunity to add an edge to every outfit. Keep it cool and classy this season, and know that HYDE is here to help. Get in touch with your very own stylist today, and unlock your new fall fashion.

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