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Fast fashion is killing the planet, literally.
Be proud of your appearance, and your impact.
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Over production

Problem: Producers are incentivized to make too much, and make it too cheaply. Over 100 billion garments are produced annually and about 20% are never even sold. Did you know that one pair of jeans and one t-shirt take 5,000 gallons of water to manufacture?

Solution: We incentivize retailers with data insights to plan ahead, buy less, and buy better.


Problem: Customers don’t have affordable and sustainable alternatives. Unsold garments are incinerated, shredded or buried. Roughly 80lbs of clothing are discarded per person each year in the US.

Solution: Hyde extends the life of each garment by donating them for further use. We donate retired clothing to first time low income job seekers, extending life of garments.

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Problem: Customer demand is going to increase with rise in living standards. Consumers want to try more clothes and stay on top of trends. Fast fashion contributes 14 new garments made per person, per year. 

Solution: We make it affordable for the customer to look better, wear more, and try more - but buy less. You can wear a dozen of articles of clothing for the price of buying 1-2.
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