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How does it work?

Get Your Fit


  • We collect your sizes checkout (it takes two minutes, we promise!)
  • Schedule a Zoom call with a professional stylist who puts together a complete outfit for whatever you are doing
  • If you don’t know your sizes, don’t worry - our stylists will do a video call to figure it out
  • Your personalized box will capture your size, taste and lifestyle — every time
Hyde Box


  • We will deliver a box to you within 3-5 business days
  • We ship nationwide, and it’s always free
  • You will always receive 6 items in a complete outfit, including:
    • Pants/Jeans
    • 2 Shirts
    • Outwear (when seasonal)
    • Accessories (e.g. sunglasses)
    • Cologne
    • Belt


  • Each box contains a pre-paid return shipping label
  • When you are ready, put the clothes back in the box and drop it off at the closest FedEx or arrange pickup
  • Simple as that. We take care of all the dry cleaning and insurance
  • You can buy anything you like; our prices are 60% or lower than retail

Still have questions?

We have answers to frequent questions our clients ask, but remember you can always email us or text us or an immediate response!
Haven't got your answer? Contact our support
  • Each Hyde consists of at least six items that make up two complete outfits. Each box includes two pairs of pants, two shirts, outerwear, an accessory, and a cologne sampler. The accessory can be a watch, sunglasses, tie, or belt.

  • We ship throughout the week. Let us know if you had a deadline for your clothes!

  • You should get the box within about three business days.

  • Customers can keep each box for up to 30 days without an extra charge! After that you will be charged $15/week.

  • For Hyde Unlimited customers, the standard amount of time is 10 days but you can keep it longer or ship back sooner if you would like. We will ship another box once we have tracking information showing their box is returning.

  • Shirt: S – XXL
    Neck: 14.5 – 17.5
    Jacket: 36R – 46L (No XL)
    Pants Length: 29-34 Waist: 29-40

    We may have limited inventory of other sizes. Just reach out to ask us!

  • We are glad you loved it! The price list for items is included in the box. It’s a steep discount on retail, usually around 60%.

  • We do not style tuxes, shirts with french cuffs, or swimsuits.

Unboxing Hyde

So what does it really feel like to get a perfect outfit?
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