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Why Stylists are the Sustainable Choice

By Aaron Crist on October 11, 2022
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Why Stylists are the Sustainable Choice

The retail industry relies heavily on mass production for constant consumption. New trends, new fabrics, and new styles seem to be circulating daily. Affordable options are made from cheap materials and deteriorate quickly. These practices contribute to a cycle for consumers to constantly buy new things and quickly exhaust their use. 

How can one break from this cycle in fashion? One solution is a simple but usually expensive one: stylists. Stylists help their customers invest in clothing that will last longer and have more use. How can this be? By knowing your body shape, skin tone, and personal preferences, it is easier to justify investing in pieces that you are more likely to wear and keep longer. By building a useful and quality wardrobe, shoppers can restrict wasting money, time, and energy on striving to chase potential finds and work towards a sustainable approach to fashion. This will also encourage consumption only with a purpose and when it’s necessary. Long gone are the days when ill-fitting shirts and pants rot away, unused, in your closet.

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