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Fallin’ for Fashion: Men’s NYC Style at Fashion Week 

Fallin’ for Fashion: Men’s NYC Style at Fashion Week 

By Jordan Goodwin on October 2, 2023

With the conclusion of the fall New York City Fashion Week, the new wave of inspiration is here and the fall fashion is not something to overlook. Although NYC narrows its eye upon up-and-coming designers for female garments, we can’t help but steal a glance from the best-dressed front row. As we traverse the realm of men’s fashion for the fall of 2023, we look to the style prowess of Austin Butler, James Marsden, and Noah Beck for notes on how to elevate one’s personal style this season. 

Austin Butler: 

As YSL’s new Beauty Brand Ambassador, Butler took to the center of the YSL party wearing a saucy black denim co-ord set. In his own Elvis manner, he took our breath away with the sleekness of the black denim ensemble but sang with relatability, with something as simple as a classic trucker denim jacket. Butler is par for the course when it comes to channeling timelessness that never gets old. Take a towards a classic if you’ve found yourself fresh out of new ideas for the fall. 

James Marsden: 

A celebrity attendee of the Ralph Lauren show dressed in a classic pinstripe suit, Marsden showcases the timelessness of a well-tailored suit. Exploit the originality in your own pieces by taking them to the tailor. All of a sudden your worn-out garment becomes your comfiest new worn-in piece. Not only are you on trend with this season’s fashion, but you’re introducing sustainability. 

Noah Beck: 

To those who take a sportier nuanced approach to fashion, look no further than TikTok sensation Noah Beck. Although his rise to fame had little to do with fashion, Beck has proved himself as a stylistic figure to turn to. Flaunting his oversized suit, Beck caught looks from across the room recognizing his swag at the YSL after-party. Take a page out of Beck’s book to push boundaries of comfort and to take risks, you never know where it might get you. 

Gentleman, the fall of 2023 is a canvas ripe for stylistic expression. Whether you lean towards a classic or take a step outside your comfort zone, cheers to a new season of making it your own. 

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