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Two garments you haven’t thought of in a while making a comeback: The bomber jacket, and the double breasted coat

By Aaron Crist on March 11, 2023

(Hint, Hyde has both)

Todd Plumber of the Wall Street Journal covered the classic bomber jacket in a recent article. Traditionally seen as a casual and utilitarian style, has recently undergone a makeover as a sophisticated and dressy option for men. Hyde carries a few versions, including one from Bluffworks (a mainstay for frequent travelers), and one from Generation Typo (streetwear not for the faint hearted). 

Modern versions of the bomber have shed their bulky exterior pockets and thick shearling linings and come in elevated fabrics like goat suede, cashmere, and merino wool. The jackets feature a minimalist design with a tidy silhouette and are often lightly padded, making them an excellent option for transitional weather.

The new bombers offer a level of versatility that allows them to move between formal and casual outfits with ease. They can lift a super-casual ensemble or shake up a formal look. According to Neil Fortin, a costume designer, a black, slim-fitting bomber could even be worn as black tie.

Stylists suggest that the bomber should hit right at a man’s natural waist and have sleeves that are not too bulky. The jacket pairs well with a “blank pant” like dark denim jeans, and wild contrasts should be avoided. The modern bomber can be worn as part of a professional wardrobe in meetings with West Coast creative types.

Overall, the new bomber offers men a comfortable, versatile, and sophisticated option for dressy occasions that can easily transition to casual wear.

Double Breasted jackets scare us, why? Because we don’t know where to wear them, how to wear them, or why we should ever wear them. None of those are good reasons, if you have someone like Alexandra Ballance, one of our newest stylists, setting you up with a killer jacket (talk to her here). 

J.Mueser, a Manhattan tailoring firm founded in 2008, has reported almost triple pre-pandemic sales due to the changing office dress code, which has made formal tailored pieces cool and almost rebellious to wear. In particular, the double-breasted blazer (DB) is undergoing an image rehab and is now worn as a replacement for a chore coat. Hyde works with local designers such as Malcom Staples and the Debonair Club to bring double breasted jackets to our clients. Also, and sit down for this one, the winner article at Hyde’s Annual Designer Pitch last year was a lime green one – and yes it’s practical.

The modern DB is amply oversized with exaggerated features, has big roped shoulders, and lapels that can slice zucchini. It is usually worn open and flappy like a cardigan with oomph, which unleashes its secret weapon: volume. The modern DB hangs slouchily in a way that a plain old single-breasted blazer cannot muster, and has insouciance on weekends when worn with casual pieces. 

To avoid making the look stodgy, at least the bottom button should be undone, and anything dressy underneath should be avoided. Preferred base layers are turtlenecks, T-shirts, or a tank top, giving the look more street cred. Styling a DB with super-casual pieces presents some challenges, but inspiration can be found in street-style shots of models who temper their power-shouldered blazers with hoodies and sneakers. The DB’s main appeal is its ability to seesaw between formal and everyday.

Credit: https://www.wsj.com/articles/mens-bomber-jackets-2023-sleek-sophisticated-almost-formal-3da41411


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