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Travel Lite

TravelLite by Hyde

What do you get?

We take care of all your travelling essentials! Here's what you get
  • Two pants/jeans
  • Outerwear (when seasonal)
  • Cologne
  • Two Shirts
  • Accessory (eg. sunglasses or watch)

Luggage Free Travel

We take the hassle out of travel.

Pack less, and let a curated outfit meet you at your destination. Our stylists get your sizes and preferences and then they put together the perfect box for you. Best of all? It meets you at your destination.

Wear the clothes, enjoy your stay, and then leave the clothes in the box with the hotel concierge.
Airport Terminal

Travel freely with less luggage

Hyde Box

Be sustainable by buying less while wearing more

Friends outside

Spend the money saved on luggage fees and expensive clothes on things that matter

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