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The Ones to Watch: The New Kids on the Men’s Fashion Block

By Olivia Fairleigh on January 10, 2024

Men’s fashion is a game of who is in and who is out. Sometimes we see a brand pop-up just as soon as it dies out. However, some brands continue to stand the trying tests of time. We all know and love the mainstays of the industry, brands like Ralph Lauren, Levis, Georgio Armani, Tom Ford, and Brooks Brothers to name a few, that have established themselves over the years as the main pillars of menswear. 

However, this is not to say that these brands are the only ones worth keeping tabs on. Up-and-coming brands are in a unique position- they have the power and opportunity to rewrite men’s trends and styles without the guidelines that a more established brand must stay in.

We have rounded up a few somewhat new brands on the block that have caught our eye and, more importantly, held our attention.

Rhude: Founded by Rhuigi Villaseñor in Los Angeles, Rhude blends luxury and streetwear aesthetics. Rhude is known for combining high-end materials and fabrics with casual, relaxed silhouettes. Known for their bold graphic t-shirts, hoodies, leather jackets, and denim, Rhude has amassed global recognition by top fashion retailers. Rhude has also garnered a celebrity cult following for their styles, marking them as up-and-comers in luxury streetwear.

Bode: Bode has seemingly made waves in the industry, in a loud way. Rooted in New York’s fashion scene, they quickly swept the market making their way to international acclaim while showcasing their collections at prestigious fashion events. Founded by Emily Bode, Bode is renowned for its vintage-inspired menswear, often crafted from antique textiles and fabrics. Quality and sustainability are their bread and butter, with traditional techniques utilized to work together with their antique textiles. Celebrities flock with appreciation to the innovative approach to menswear, rounding out this brand’s impressive resume. 

Palm Angels: Any skating fans out there? We have a brand for you to watch. Palm Angels began as a photography project by Francesco Ragazzi, capturing LA’s skateboard culture before evolving into a fashion brand. Seamlessly cool, Palm Angels merges California’s skateboarding influences with luxury fashion, producing relaxed yet luxurious menswear with a distinct West Coast vibe. They effortlessly combine high-quality materials with skating-inspired styles that resonate with both street-wear enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs. They have gained both global recognition and celebrity following, as well as large success in collaborations with various artists and brands.

Wales Bonner: Founded by Grace Wales Bonner in London, Wales Bonner is celebrated for its exploration of Black history and spirituality through fashion. Their aesthetic offers a packed punch of traditional tailoring, cultural references, and boldly avant-garde designs, creating men’s wear that reflects a deep understanding of history and identity. Wales Bonner emphasizes craftsmanship and attention to detail through luxurious materials and embellishments to create thought-provoking and stunning garments. Garnering international acclaim and presence at major fashion events, Wales Bonner made a splash in the market immediately following their arrival on the scene. The brand has engaged in several collaborations that align with its cultural and artistic vision, further establishing its position at the intersection of fashion, art, and culture.

As we said, men’s fashion can move quickly. We have found the brands above to have not only longevity but having a true vision behind the “why” of their brand. These go-getters have established an ethos that guides their movements in fashion decisions and in the industry as a whole. We will be watching these brands as they move along through the ropes of menswear!

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