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Fashion in Succession: What makes it so iconic?

By Marie on April 25, 2023
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Firstly, the costumes are expertly crafted to reflect the characters' personalities and positions. Each character has a distinct style that is appropriate for their role in the Roy family and the media industry. This attention to detail adds an extra layer of depth to the characters and helps to bring the show's world to life.

Secondly, the fashion in Succession is aspirational. The characters are wealthy and powerful, and their wardrobe choices reflect this. The high-end designer clothing and accessories are something that many viewers may aspire to own themselves. By showcasing these luxury items on the show, the fashion becomes a desirable aspect of the series.

Thirdly, the fashion in Succession is both stylish and functional. The characters' clothing is not just visually appealing, but it also serves a purpose. The suits worn by the male characters, for example, convey a sense of power and authority, while the tailored outfits worn by Shiv show her to be confident and capable.

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Finally, the fashion in Succession is an integral part of the show's visual language. The costumes help to create the show's distinct aesthetic and contribute to its overall tone and mood. They also play a crucial role in setting the scene and creating a sense of time and place.

The characters in Succession are wealthy and powerful, and their wardrobes reflect this. From sleek suits to designer dresses, the show's costume designers have created looks that are both stylish and appropriate for the characters' positions.

One standout character in terms of fashion is Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook. Shiv's wardrobe is a mix of feminine and masculine styles, often featuring tailored blazers, crisp button-down shirts, and sleek trousers. Her jewelry is understated but elegant, with delicate earrings and simple necklaces.

Another character who has made a fashion statement is Kendall Roy, played by Jeremy Strong. Kendall's look is more modern and trendy, with slim-fit suits, bold prints, and edgy accessories. His style reflects his desire to be seen as a young and hip executive in his family's media empire.

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The show's male characters, including Logan Roy and Roman Roy, also have distinct and well-crafted looks. Logan is often seen in classic, traditional suits, while Roman's style is more relaxed and casual.

Overall, the fashion in Succession is a reflection of the show's themes of power, wealth, and status. The costumes are expertly crafted to suit each character's personality and position, adding another layer of depth to an already complex and engaging series. It's no wonder that fans of the show have been taking note of the fashion and incorporating elements into their own wardrobes.

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